The Animals

Our Cattle


Our main breed is a Galloway mix.

The Galloway breed has been in Canada for 165 years. These cattle are hardy, hairy, and beautiful. They love the outdoors, calve without any intervention and are fantastic grazers, efficiently converting hay and grass into body weight.

They are usually white, but can be belted, brown and even a very cute grey colour.


Our cattle spend the entire summer outside in pasture. They are given fresh grass twice daily in small sections to improve fertilization and so they eat it more efficiently and trample it less.

In the winter they are fed hay exclusively. No, our cattle are never fed grain. Many conventional cattle farms ONLY feed grain.

Seeing these graceful and majestic animals on pasture doing what they were meant to do is truly a beautiful sight.


Our beef is certified organic by Pro-Cert, and grass-fed. 

Grass-fed beef is sought after because it has a better Omega fatty-acid ratio and a higher nutritional content. Galloway beef in particular is lean and very healthy.

It is tempting to overcook our beef because of worries about food poisoning in under-cooked conventional and processed meat. Grass-fed beef does not need to be cooked as long, so watch it closely and eat it when it’s a little pink for best flavour and nutritional value.