Give thanks!

Thanksgiving weekend, that “end of summer ritual” which seems so very far away when we are immersed in planting and preparation for the growing season sneaks up on you! Can it be here already? Another growing season, the hopeful time of putting seeds in the ground, the hard labour of harvesting in the summer sun, suddenly (it seems…) coming to a close. (Read More)

Have you placed your order?

As usual, we are delivering fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners in every corner of our delivery area. Friday, Oct. 6th is the big day, with a few more on Saturday, the 7th. Along with turkeys we will be filling orders of beef, pork and chicken. Almost everything is in stock, so get your orders in.

The traditional turkey dinner is not for everyone. If you’re having a smaller gathering you might consider one of our boneless “Old Fashioned” hams, on sale for October at $9.95/lb. Or a “Picnic Roast” – that is a fresh pork shoulder roast, also on sale at $7.99/lb. Or consider a whole chicken to roast. We have some fairly large whole chickens – up to 8 lbs.

Pastured Pigs

Our pigs just love the freshly seeded pasture, as you can see in the video. Managing pigs that go out and eat grass is a whole different ballgame from the conventional confinement set up, but the results are worth every ounce of effort. We hear regularly from people who love our pork, which is very different in taste and texture from the supermarket variety.