What are microgreens?

Microgreens are tiny plants, harvested between 10 and 14 days into their lifespan. They are harvested in the cotyledon phase of the plant’s life, or at the point when the plant begins to grow it’s own true leaves. Microgreens are different than shoots because they are grown in soil and receive light to give them their green colour.

What makes microgreens so nutritious?

Because the whole plant is eaten when you eat microgreens, you are receiving more of the plant’s vitamins and minerals. Depending on the plant, there can be up to 40 times more vitamins per weight than in the mature plant’s leaves or fruit, by weight.


We are phasing out our clamshell containers and moving to zipper bags. We have been using bags for the past 18 months for our wholesale customers.

What we prefer about bags:
  • Wash by filling the bag with water, slosh around, drain. Simple!
  • Less plastic waste
  • Less cost
  • Easier to obtain
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Smaller
  • Bags dont offer much physical protection for the greens. Handle with care!

Storage and harvest facts

They stay fresh for approximately 2 weeks in the fridge
They must be refrigerated
They need to be washed before eating
They are sanitized and washed standing a day before harvest

Our varieties

We are currently producing four crops in our cycle:

  • Sunflowers (Black Oil variety, Italian origin)
  • Pea Shoots (Speckled pea variety)
  • Radish (Red stem variety)
  • Pea/Radish Mix (we call it Salad Mix)


Wholesale delivery is free. Weekly delivery day varies based on location.

Pricing (as of 2018/06/02)

Retail price: $6.00 / 100g Clamshell
Wholesale price: $10.00 / 200g Ziplok (also available in 100g Ziplok)
The price on standing orders over 1000g per week is negotiable.

How to order

Manage your standing order or order additional greens by contacting Sam at 519-372-5313 or sam@zettelfamilyfarms.ca.


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