June 2024 Newsletter

Some photos from May and June

Hey folks, how about chicken?

As we noted in the last newsletter, our chickens are grown only in the summer when they can be raised in moveable hutches and have access to fresh grass daily.  This means we have to estimate how many drums, wings, bone-in and boneless breasts, thighs and whole chickens to have in stock for the winter after the final flock is harvested in October.  June is here, our first 2024 crop of birds is ready, and the freezer was pretty well empty of chicken, except for some whole chickens which we are offering at a discount to make room for the new stock.

You can order any number of whole chickens (2023 product) at the very low price of $4.50/lb.  While supply lasts!  That’s a 30% discount.

Whole Chicken (Last Year’s Batch) | Various Sizes | Vac-Pac

Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $27.30.

Chicken is back on the menu, boys! (and everyone else too!)

You’ll have to forgive the weak Lord of the Rings reference, but we are super excited to announce that our first batch of chickens has been butchered and is waiting in the freezer for you to enjoy! We have drums, wings, bone-in thighs, boneless thighs, soup bones, and breasts (and bone-in breasts) all in stock.

Have you tried our patties?

Zettel Family Farms tries to respond to the wishes of you, the people who buy our products. In the summertime, it seems that everyone is busy and a lot of meals happen without much time for preparation.  Having a good supply of ready made patties in the freezer can be a lifesaver when hungry kids bring their friends in or company drops in unexpectedly.  Out of the freezer, on to the barbecue, and in no time you have a satisfying meal. We now have 4 options:

For the month of June you can order any of the above, or mix and match to make your own 10lb. box at the sale price of $75.00

Click here to see the new 10lb patty box!

Don’t forget our famous beef and pork summer sausage, and the recent addition “Maple Ham slices”, thin cut for making sandwiches – in 1/2lb. packages of 6 slices or so.

New Product: Coppa Bacon

From the shoulder of the pig, this is a smoked bacon that we had not tried before. Well, now we have some in stock! We aren’t sure if we’ll be getting more, so if this is your thing, order soon!

Coppa Bacon


All the products we mentioned in this newsletter:

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