Happy New Year!

As the year draws to a close, all of us here at Zettel Family Farms are thinking about our incredible blessings. While much of the world is in turmoil, we tend to our affairs in peace and security. Many around us lack food, or good homes or are plagued by loneliness. We have an abundance of good things to eat, warm houses, and are surrounded by family and friends. We see every day the wonders of creation around us. We are privileged to be partners with the soil, the plants and animals, seeing our labour turned into food that nourishes and delights.

Our family farm is sustained by hard work, by cooperating with nature and learning to care for our crops and livestock as well as we can. Out of this complex mission of ours, comes the food that we believe is second to none. But without you, the families that choose to support us by eating this food, the dream that we pursue could never be realized.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! As we launch into 2017, may God be with you and all your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Zettel Family Farms

Ted & Christine
Sam & Michelle
Mark & Emily
Joe & all the extended family

P.S.  In case you were wondering how our pigs are doing, watch this video!


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