March 2018 Newsletter

Cold night to be born for this little girlie! Nothing more beautiful to see than a brand new baby calf nursing and bonding with her mother. #grassfed #organic #beef #cattle #winter #babycalf As you can see, Sam’s hoop house was a casualty of the unusually heavy snow load. Some thoughts on “Pigliness” One of the most satisfying experiences of a farmer’s daily routine is watching the animals wake up in the morning. Our pigs live...

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CSA 2017: End of Season Letter from Mark

  CSA 2017: End of Season Dear CSA members, It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we have finally come to the end of the second year of our vegetable CSA. Sadness because we will miss the beautiful summer days spent outdoors in the garden, and joy because we are moving on to another season of meaningful work with a sense of accomplishment from the summer’s endeavors. The second season brought with it unique challenges so different from the first one. Instead of a lack of rain we had lots and lots of rain! This was...

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Newsletter – May 2017

Zettel Family Farms Chepstow, Ontario Ted: 519-881-8773 May Newsletter Spring has sprung, and by looking around the farm you’d never know it was winter. Animals and plants are everywhere! Read on! Scroll to the bottom for NEW PRODUCTS and our spring pork sale! On the Grass Of all the pleasures of life on a livestock farm, one of the sweetest is watching the animals go out into the pasture field for the first time in the spring!  This usually happens in May.  Traditionally, May 24th was the deadline for getting fences fixed and cows out.  That was also...

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“Natural”… What does it mean?

“Natural”?  What does it mean? The short answer is; Not much!  If you see this descriptor on a food label, be cautious and ask questions before purchasing.  As pioneers in the organic food movement, we fought long and hard to achieve a federal regulation which defines the word “organic” and requires that those who use it on their label or in marketing, follow the legal definition of organic production practices.  That means things like no pesticides, no GMO’s, grazing in summer for farm animals, outdoor access even in winter, etc.  Lots of other things are included – you can...

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