May 2024 Newsletter

Clearance Sale!  Big Discount on chicken drums and bone- in thighs. As most of you are aware, our chickens are raised on pasture in the summer in movable hutches where they get fresh grass twice a day. Since we like to eat chicken all year round, that means we must estimate the amounts of each […]

February 2024 Newsletter

An early spring or a late winter? Happy (late) New Year! Ted wrote a great article looking back at 2023 and forward to 2024. You can read the article on our website, but we didn’t post it here because… well, it’s February! Products You Should Try Maple Ham We started making this late last year, […]

Ted’s New Year Message 2024

Happy New Year! (a little late, I know) “Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.” This line from the wedding scene in the famous motion picture “Fiddler on the Roof” comes to my mind at the close of each year, as I reflect on and record the highlights of the previous 12 months. It […]

October 2023 Newsletter

Give thanks! Thanksgiving weekend, that “end of summer ritual” which seems so very far away when we are immersed in planting and preparation for the growing season sneaks up on you! Can it be here already? Another growing season, the hopeful time of putting seeds in the ground, the hard labour of harvesting in the […]

August 2023 Newsletter

Farm Tour On July 16th Zettel Family Farms co-hosted a farm tour, in cooperation with Star Seeds Acres, the organic produce farm and farm store operated by Kevin and Lauren Voisin. About 150 of you, our customers, plus neighbours and friends joined us for an afternoon of touring the two farms, culminating in a barbecue […]

September 2022 Newsletter

New Products and Products on Sale Building on the popularity of our recently introduced “Mild Italian Pork Patty”, we are now making a “Garlic Pork Patty.” Most of you seem to prefer the larger 6 oz. burgers, so we are preparing them in this format – 3 / package, at $9.00/lb. You can order a […]

February 2022 Newsletter

Wow! Is it Cold!… but “if it don’t winter, it won’t summer” As I write this message to all of you, our loyal customers, I am enjoying the comfort of our wood stove, which single handedly heats our small, one story home, even reaching to the spare bedroom at the far end which doubles as […]

January 2022 newsletter

Zettel Family Farms  Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork and Chicken Chepstow, Ontario, Canada To Order, Call Ted @ 519-881-8773 or email Order online at   Happy New Year! All the Zettel family sends to you our hope that 2022 brings you peace!  We want to thank all of you who make this farming adventure […]

Our Global Trade in Food

Ted reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on our food supply and how a little food insecurity might actually be a good thing.