What is a cover crop?

When we learned about organic farming in the 1980’s, the term “cover crop” was brand new in the language of farming here in Canada.  Pioneered by organic farmers the use of cover crops is now catching on with conventional agriculture as a means to enrich the soil and prevent erosion.  Cover crops are plantings that are intended primarily for soil improvement.  Usually they are incorporated into the soil while the crop is green and growing.  The tilling in of lush, green vegetation feeds the soil biology.  Just like the livestock in our barns thrive on good feed, the livestock...

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Helicopters, Soil Life, and Healthy Food

On a warm August evening I returned home from making some deliveries to see a helicopter circling over my house alarmingly low to the ground. He headed across the river, almost brushing the treetops and dove lower out of sight in my neighbour’s corn field. There was no crash though, and soon he reappeared to repeat the same maneuver. My initial thought was that maybe the authorities were scouting for marijuana plants. They used to do that from the air – back in the days when pot was illegal. But the systematic flight pattern of this noisy bird made...

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November 2016 Newsletter

Preparing for The Big Freeze As a livestock farmer, I am always amused that people worry and stress over the coming of winter, when for most of them it requires very little preparation and only minor changes to their daily routine. Most of us live in houses that are frost-proof, have vehicles that start in cold weather, warm clothing and equipment to handle snow. Life goes on. But if you are in charge of pigs, cattle and poultry who spend the warm weather out in fields eating grass, the looming reality of subzero temperatures and fields blanketed in white...

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