September 2022 Newsletter

New Products and Products on Sale Building on the popularity of our recently introduced “Mild Italian Pork Patty”, we are now making a “Garlic Pork Patty.” Most of you seem to prefer the larger 6 oz. burgers, so we are preparing them in this format – 3 / package, at $9.00/lb. You can order a […]

June 2022 Newsletter

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Yes!  They are back.  Baseball and soccer.  Swimming in the river.  Going to the beach for the afternoon. Camping.  Community dinners and weekend festivals.  Picnics and parties outside.  Friends and family gathering and celebrating together.  Kids running around on the lawn, turning on the water hose and getting […]

April 2022 Newsletter

The Cattle Are Out! Those dreaded words strike terror into the heart of any livestock farmer.  This announcement greeted me as I was beginning my work of putting together orders in the packing room.  My nephew Joe, stuck his head in the door;  “We have a problem.  The gate was wide open and I can’t […]

February 2022 Newsletter

Wow! Is it Cold!… but “if it don’t winter, it won’t summer” As I write this message to all of you, our loyal customers, I am enjoying the comfort of our wood stove, which single handedly heats our small, one story home, even reaching to the spare bedroom at the far end which doubles as […]

A Holistic approach to Health

As pandemic controls drag into another season, having dominated two summers and one winter, with every expectation of persisting into a “4th wave”, we are compelled to comment on the overwhelmingly countercultural sentiment that you, our customers, express to us. Almost daily we receive emails with links to sites voicing opposition to the forced closures, […]