Our service in filling orders and delivering product has not been up to our usual high standards this summer. As mentioned in our previous news, the shortage of processing capacity for meat is playing havoc with our supply. Every butcher shop is working overtime, and in addition we lost one abattoir to fire. Greens Meat Market in Wingham, where some of our organic colleagues did their processing, burned to the ground on June 25th.
So we are doing our best to work with our processing partners and keep the supply moving, but you will find a little longer wait in some cases.

We are amazed and grateful at how considerate our customers are when we can’t fill their order completely or have to substitute one product for another. Thanks for your patience.

What a year for growing!

The warm, wet weather of this July is producing ideal conditions which should result in bumper crops. Already we have harvested a bigger than usual first crop of hay, and the second cut of alfalfa promises to be exceptional.

July is usually the time when we are starved for moisture. The hotter it gets the faster the soil and plants dry out. This year’s extreme heat was tending toward drought but early in the month we were blessed with abundant rain which turned things around completely. Our cover crops look fantastic.
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We were shocked to learn that the facility where we rented freezer space in Mildmay is shutting down later this summer. That leaves us scrambling to find another home for the chickens that are being raised on pasture in the summer and need to be stored for eating in the winter. So if you have freezer space, now is the time to stock up!

Certified Organic, pasture raised chickens 4 - 7 lbs. : $5.00/lb. - $1.00 off our regular price.
A further 10% volume discount on orders of 10 or more birds brings your price to $4.50/lb.

And by the way - if anyone has leads on commercial freezer space in the Grey-Bruce area, let us know!


We have a full stock of all Chicken cuts.

  • Wings
  • Drums
  • Bone in Breast
  • Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Bone in Thighs
  • Boneless Thighs
  • Complete chickens in cuts
  • Whole Chickens


We continue to experiment with expanding the grazing opportunities for these beautiful birds. The Orlapp Bronze turkey closely resembles the wild birds that are plentiful in our neck of the woods after being introduced here in the 90’s. These guys and girls are enjoying a little extra freedom in their temporary field. Trouble is if they get a good run at it, they can fly almost high enough to get over the fence! So we still have a few kinks to iron out. (video) For the time being they may have to be content with staying in the hutch and eating the fresh grass that appears twice daily when we move it.

Please let us know if you want a Thanksgiving Turkey. We sell these birds only at Thanksgiving and last year they were all spoken for in advance.
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If you haven’t tried it you are missing out on a tasty treat. Our friend Amsey Bauman has made an outstanding product using our certified organic beef and pork and cultured organic celery powder in place of the usual sodium nitrate used in commercial curing. To get you started we are offering the 2.5lb sausage for $25.00. They come vac-packed, keep indefinitely in the freezer and a month or so in fridge - but we guarantee once you start one it won’t last that long!

What is a cover crop?

When we learned about organic farming in the 1980’s, the term “cover crop” was brand new in the language of farming here in Canada.  Pioneered by organic farmers the use of cover crops is now catching on with conventional agriculture as a means to enrich the soil and prevent erosion.  Cover crops are plantings that are intended primarily for soil …

Our Global Trade in Food

Ted reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on our food supply and how a little food insecurity might actually be a good thing.
Our Global Trade in Food

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More on "Beyond Meat"
February 26th, just a few weeks ago, was “Ash Wednesday”, the day when many Christians around the world observe a day of fasting, the beginning of a 40 day preparation for Easter. On this day they abstain from eating meat. Coincidentally, I turned on the radio while driving to catch an interview with Mark Bittman, the celebrated food writer, on …

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