As I write this we are two weeks into the serious efforts to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19.
Being in the home delivery business, we are swamped with orders and doing our best to meet the needs of our loyal customers. This newsletter is to let you know about how we plan to continue and to give some thoughts on what we might learn from the crisis.
The heavy traffic of orders means that you may wait longer for delivery, but while our supply lasts we will continue to fill your orders on a “first come - first served” basis. We have adopted protocols in line with the recommendations of health authorities; frequent hand washing, wearing gloves during packing and delivery and keeping our distance from customers during the exchange. Since we always schedule our drop offs, we can leave product at your door, and let you retrieve it after we’re gone if you prefer.
Payment on-line is a good option, but for those who use cash or cheques, we ask that you place them in an envelope and tape it to the door so we avoid hand to hand contact. This may seem like overzealous precaution, but for homes that might have especially vulnerable people we feel it is better to err on the side of safety.

Items on Sale

We have quite a supply of chicken necks and backs, which are great for chicken soup. We are selling them at the clearance price of $2.00/ lb. And whole chickens remain on sale at $4.50/lb. - while the supply lasts. And if you are cooking at home more than usual, you might be able to use our baker’s lard which is also on sale at $6.00 for the 1L tub.


Every year we review the pricing of our products in light of our mission to supply families with the best food possible at affordable prices. This usually takes place in March and is now completed. We have decided to hold the line on chicken and beef prices and implement a modest increase for most of our pork products, due mainly to the cost of processing pork which has increased substantially. We are confident that these highest quality, tasty cuts are still providing good value to the families who purchase them.

Them Bones

Many of you are aware of the health benefits of bone broth. You may be purchasing our chicken backs or beef bones to make your own home-made soups. We want to draw your attention to one of our business partners who is dedicated to spreading the word about good health through good eating - Jill Weaver. You can read about her entrepreneurial adventure in producing and marketing bone broths here ;

Jill has been buying our extra beef bones for a few years now and is working on expanding the market. If your local retailer doesn’t already carry her products, ask them about stocking up from The Stock Exchange. Visit

If you are ordering a quarter of beef, you already know that you can take home bones for soup, or extra bones packaged in bulk for your dog at no extra cost. For those of you who also use our beef, but order by the cut, we are now offering extra bones in bulk - a 20 lb box for $40.00.


Coming this Summer!

Stay tuned for more!

Our Global Trade in Food

Ted reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on our food supply and how a little food insecurity might actually be a good thing.
Our Global Trade in Food

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