Many of you have contacted us asking how the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the province have affected us. Thank you all for your concern. We are happy to report that the activities of the farm carry on “come hell or high water” (or pandemic!)

Calves and piglets are still arriving; pasture season is in full swing and we are starting to make hay for winter feeding of cattle.
Our first 2020 chickens are in the freezer and the turkey poults are already 3 weeks old. Like other businesses who do home deliveries, we are swamped with orders.
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A Tribute to Handsome Frank

by Mark Zettel

"Taken from us too soon, we are saddened by your loss and will forever struggle to fill the void left by your passing.
Terror of the Mud Pit, Sire of a Thousand Litters, your gentle belligerence will be sorely missed.
handsome frank
It is a comfort to know that you died the way you lived: shoulders deep in mud and cattle yard runoff. I will think of you each time I find myself mired up to the elbows in manure water.

I am honoured to have known such a kind, malicious, lovely, grotesque and hideous soul. Rest in peace my sweet friend. If God is good then I know Heaven contains an ocean of mud, and you are lounging there now amidst your well-earned eternal reward. To a friend, father, lover, and prince among hogs, I bid you the fondest of farewells.
R.I.P. Handsome Frank"
When our processing facilities cannot take enough of our product, we occasionally rent a facility nearby and do it ourselves!
Our employee and cousin Joe is a licensed meat cutter and does all the hard stuff.
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With product coming in and out so fast, managing the supply chain is a real challenge. As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, the capacity of our local processing facilities was fully utilized before the crisis. Now the people who do cutting and wrapping of beef, pork and chicken are working overtime.

So while we are doing our best to fill orders promptly, you may find one item or another missing when it comes to delivery. It also might take a little longer from the time you place your order until delivery.

Thank you all for being so understanding!


The COVID-19 situation has many beneficial side effects, among them the impetus for everyone to reconsider the wisdom of relying on movement of goods around the world. Those of us who have laboured for decades promoting local food and organizing to build local infrastructure have always predicted that sooner or later the vulnerabilities built into a global trading economy would come back to bite us.

Now these conversations are gaining a wider audience as borders close and we risk seeing empty shelves due to events happening far away, over which we have no control. Let’s hope that our elected officials at all levels wake up to the great opportunity that lies in a policy of food security based on local and regional self sufficiency.


Pasture-raised Organic Chicken is back in stock! Our first batch is butchered, frozen and ready for orders. We have a full stock of all of our chicken cuts:
  • Wings
  • Drums
  • Bone in Breast
  • Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Bone in Thighs
  • Boneless Thighs
  • Complete chickens in cuts
  • Whole Chickens


Coming this Summer!

Stay tuned for more!

Our Global Trade in Food

Ted reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on our food supply and how a little food insecurity might actually be a good thing.
Our Global Trade in Food

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