Our farm, animals and most of our products are certified by Pro-Cert according to the stringent requirements of the Organic standard. We submit to rigorous testing and inspection, to bring you meat that is pure and natural.

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Our animals are more than just production units, they are an essential component of our farm’s ecosystem. We treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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We are farming for the future, with our kids, grand kids, and future generations in mind. We want to establish practices and principles that outlast us, and keep the farm producing long after we are gone.

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Meet the Team

Ted Zettel

Ted purchased the farm in 1977 from his late father, Gerald, and began farming and a new family when he married Christine in 1978. In 1982 he became interested in organic farming, and has become somewhat of an expert in the field, having joined the movement so early.

Today, he lives on one of the farms in an off-grid bungalow, and handles orders, deliveries, planning and more than his fair share of the regular farm work.

Mark Zettel

Mark is Ted’s youngest son, and lives with his wife Emily and their children on one of our farms. Mark loves hunting, farming, being outside, which we all can agree is a great combination for a farmer to have. Mark handles much of the farrowing and chicken production.

Sam Zettel

Sam is Ted’s oldest son and lives with his wife Michelle and 5 boys on the “home farm.” Sam is employed full time, but manages bookkeeping and microgreen production in his spare time. He loves music and fixing things.

Sam and his family were excited to move back to the homestead in 2015, to embrace a simpler life that is more integrated with nature and food sources.

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