Zettel Family Farms

Chepstow, Ontario, Canada

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Welcome to Zettel Family Farms!

We are looking forward to providing you with the best meat money can buy. Swipe or scroll to see more!

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Stewardship of Nature

Our farming methods respect the relationship we have with our land, our animals, and each other. We are farming as if our lives, and the lives of future generations, depend on it.

We want to leave this place more fertile and prosperous than it was when we found it.

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Our Farming Heritage

Our family has been farming this land the same way for 160 years. From those early days until now, farming is a part of who we are. Our products have that “back home” taste because, well, we’re still back home!

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Local food makes sense

Our animals are born, raised, processed and delivered locally, and we keep careful watch every step of the way. We know you can trust our products because we feed them to our children. 

When you buy local food you are helping to invest in a sustainable infrastructure, one that is less dependent on inputs such as fossil fuel and factors like geo-politics and border crossings. It also supports farm families like ours, and ensures that we can keep farming.

Our Products

100% Grass-fed Beef

Grass is a cow’s natural diet, and our cows are fed and finished on it. 

Pastured Pork

Pigs like to roam, dig, root, and roll around in mud. Our pigs eat organic chop and get plenty of exercise in their own paddock.

Pastured Chicken

We raise chickens in mobile cages so that they can have fresh grass, bugs, and critters twice a day.

Watch this video produced in 2016, highlighting the farm, the farmers, our land and our mission.

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